Thursday, December 29, 2005


We all had a great Christmas. We ate well - maybe too well! - and Jack racked up all kinds of toys.

We stayed a couple of nights in Livingston, so Jack got some presents from Granna, Pa and Aunt Heather (we somehow managed to haul them all home). Jack's Granna made an awesome ham for Christmas Eve dinner. Jack of course loved her rolls, which are wonderful.

We then made it home for Christmas Eve, and actually woke up in our own home Christmas morning, which we've never done. It took a while (Jack gets distracted), but Jack opened up all his presents. He loved his big red crayon (right) and legos.

We then went to Franklin for Christmas dinner, and Jack racked up some more presents from his Nana, Papaw, and Uncle Rob. Mom made my favorite, I-only-get-it-at-Christmas broccoli casserole. Jack had a great time playing with Uncle Harry - they played trucks and with Jack's crayons.

Addam and I finally took the tree down last night. Christmas '05 is done!

Updated photos - finally - from November/December are here.


Anonymous Jamie said...

Sounds like Jack had a wonderful Christmas! I like the Lego tower...very impressive.

12/31/2005 8:09 AM  

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