Monday, April 02, 2007

Allergy Season

Ya'll, the allergies have arrived. Last week was pretty awful; we've been getting outside more since getting the back yard fenced in, and so Thursday I got absolutely HAMMERED (by the allergies) - swimmy head, aches, chills of all things.

Anyway, all this caused me to think about my personal allergy history (I get the seasonal kind, FYI). I was never a sickly child, and allergies didn't pop up until junior high/high school - around the time we moved to Middle Tennessee (Franklin) from Northern Alabama (Decatur). Then I realized that I didn't suffer badly from allergies while in college either - neither in Knoxville nor in Monterrey, Mexico during my study abroad there. I didn't get seasonal allergies again until we moved back to Middle Tennessee several years ago. Which got me to thinking - maybe it's as much Middle Tennessee as it is me! And lo and behold I found this article that supports my theory!

Hope all my fellow allergy-sufferers are making their way through it. It's so beautiful and warm outside - it's a shame that sniffles, drainage, congestion, coughing, itchy eyes and sinus pressure have to ruin it for some of us.

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