Saturday, January 27, 2007

On the Move...

We're in trouble now. Tucker's probably just a very few days from crawling. He's up on all fours and doing the "bounce move". He can move forward quite a few feet, but he's not truly crawling yet - it's more upper-armstrength than anything.

I am so proud of him for reaching this stage. I know he loves being able to get around more - he's so squirmy, so very active. However, now we really need to get Jackson more into the "keeping the 3+ toys away from Tucker and put away" thing. Those Matchbox cars are like a magnet for Tucker - and yes, Tucker already loves cars and trucks and everything with wheels.
He turns 6 months on February 1. We also go to the doctor that day, so I am looking forward to seeing just how much the big man has grown.

Sibling Rivalry at its Finest: My mom was here to watch the boys the other day, and Jackson told my mom to take Tucker home with her.

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