Friday, January 12, 2007

The Lady's Man, and Unsolicited Advice

OK, so we went to playgroup Wednesday and Jackson had a lot of fun. So did I since I got to hang out with actual adults for a couple of hours. Anyway, Jackson played with a little girl, 2, and a boy that will soon turn 4 (if you're doing the math, my boy's smack-dab in the middle age-wise).

Well, it comes time to leave (at which time I had to bribe Jackson with watching Cars when we got home because he didn't want to go and I wanted to avoid a scene). Jackson went up to the little girl - who is cute as a button - says "I love you" and gives her a hug and a kiss. And then keeps hugging her, and which point I'm like "OK, that's sweet, you can let go now". And it hit me that I am not ready for the girls. Because he's ridiculously cute, and there will be a line of them. And ya'll, I knew gals in high school that did "the guy drive-by", and I know I am going to start noticing the same pattern of cars passing the house in about 12 years or so. Sigh. I mean, I know it won't be a big deal for 12 years or so, but I can fast-forward in my brain to it.


Now my unsolicited advice - if you have a toddler, or will have a toddler sometime - here's some bed advice. See, months back we bought Jackson a toddler bed. We had to, because Tucker was arriving and we needed to prepare him. And he actually took to it quickly, did not want the crib, and it was good. Then it went bad. He would not sleep in it. When he did, he would quickly move into our room. Then I broke my leg and we were totally in limbo because I could not put him to bed.

About two months ago, I started recognizing something in Jackson. The boy does not stay still in bed. I would often walk by and he would actually be half-out of his bed, and I would shift his legs back in. I think Tucker might be the same way.

So, my unsolicited advice to those who might need it - if you have an active sleeper, I would strongly suggest skipping the toddler bed (unless you already have one available, in which case it's worth a shot - we'll probably use it with Tucker just because we have it). We had two twin beds in the bonus upstairs area, so we moved a mattress and box springs into Jackson's room, and he loves it. It's low like the toddler bed, because we didn't bring down the rails, and he has so much more room to move. He still has to be read to sleep, but after all the toddler-bed drama, that's really OK. Many nights he stays in it all night, and on the few he doesn't, he just walks into our room around 3am and that's OK. Last night he actually chose his bed over ours, so that's fantastic news versus just months ago.

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Blogger texasinafrica said...

What do you mean, "the guy drive-by"?!?! Just because someone nearly got us all arrested because she just HAD to make us drive by a certain valedictorian's house every night doesn't mean it was stalking. Er....

1/12/2007 11:16 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

That's too cute about Jackson's little "girlfriend." (tee hee) Caitlin talks about her "boyfriend" at daycare and it's cute until I really start thinking about what it will be like in about 10 years, or even less. GAWD!

I think that toddler beds are just another way to con parents into spending money. Seriously. Did they have toddler beds 100 years ago? Probably not. We moved Caitlin to a twin bed at 2 and now she's in my childhood full size bed.

Sounds like you did the smart thing!

1/13/2007 7:19 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

It should be noted that the "she" referred to in the above post is not me, as I never instigated any drive-by's, and was only an unwilling participant on one occasion. But I know which "she" Laura refers to, and which dude...

Jamie - I agree on the toddler bed racket. I bought into the hype. I wish we had just bought a rail and left it at that, but honestly without the bedrails, a twin is low enough anyway.

1/13/2007 8:30 AM  

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