Thursday, September 13, 2007

Putting it all in perspective...

I took the boys to the mall today. I'm not a big fan of malls really - too much time spent there in my suburban youth, I suppose - but a trip there was necessary as I had to go to Eyemasters to pick up my new frames....purchased as the J-Man fell on my head two days ago and busted my previous pair (the day after I mentioned to A that "after Mr. T gets out of this pulling my glasses off phase I think I will need a new pair of glasses" very prophetic).

Anyway, I normally take the boys places where they are, well, contained - library story time, Kroger/Target (confined to the buggy), a mom's house for playgroup. I try to avoid the closest mall as, well, for one thing our mall is not in the best part of Nashville, and plus the mall represents to me one big open area where a moment's distraction could cause me to lose my child forever. Overprotective much? Anyway, there were big talks to J-Man about not wandering off, and staying with mommy, and stressing on my part of make sure J-Man and Mr. T would be appropriately occupied for the 10 minutes we would spend in Eyemasters.

No child was lost, and I didn't owe anything in damaged merchandise at Eyemasters. The boys were generally well behaved. And then I read this on Laura's blog, which put it all in perspective.

A trip to the mall pales in comparison to traveling miles on foot in a conflicted country with your life on your back.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Photo Friday: Purple

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