Saturday, January 27, 2007

Change is in the air...

I have renamed the blog. Jackson and Tucker still indeed rule the universe, but the visit from the sicko causing the removal of all child photos from this site made me rethink things.

So I'm heading in a new direction. I will still post kiddo updates and anecdotes, because my kids are funny and Jackson does say the darndest things. But I also want a place for my (neglected and amateur) photography. I want a place for my random thoughts (because boy do I have some crazy thoughts going through my head). And when the blog was all about the boys, I didn't really have a place for that. But the blog should be about me too - my only little piece of vanity on the internet. So here goes.

And I have upgraded to new blogger. Right now that seems to mean little, beyond labeling.


On the Move...

We're in trouble now. Tucker's probably just a very few days from crawling. He's up on all fours and doing the "bounce move". He can move forward quite a few feet, but he's not truly crawling yet - it's more upper-armstrength than anything.

I am so proud of him for reaching this stage. I know he loves being able to get around more - he's so squirmy, so very active. However, now we really need to get Jackson more into the "keeping the 3+ toys away from Tucker and put away" thing. Those Matchbox cars are like a magnet for Tucker - and yes, Tucker already loves cars and trucks and everything with wheels.
He turns 6 months on February 1. We also go to the doctor that day, so I am looking forward to seeing just how much the big man has grown.

Sibling Rivalry at its Finest: My mom was here to watch the boys the other day, and Jackson told my mom to take Tucker home with her.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Freakin' Weirdos

OK, if you notice an absence of photos of the boys - they're gone.

Thanks to statcounter I was able to view the search string of some sicko that's likely to show up on Dateline sometime soon. Popped the sicko straight to my blog. I ain't happy.

So I am working my way through the blog to take the photos off. If you're friends and family, I will make sure to email one out from time to time. I started this blog for friends and family, so they could view photos at their leisure, without me filling up the mailbox. I try to retain our anomynity (sp?) but when you got sickos with sick search strings stopping by your blog for a visit - well, I have to protect the boys.

So, I will still blog, but won't be posting children photos. This might be for the best, as I was thinking about starting a separate blog for photography so I could participate in Photo Friday without drawing a lot of stranger traffic to a family blog - well, now I won't worry about that.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Everything I Know about Science I Learned from They Might Be Giants

A and I flipped on the Science Channel for a show about the sun:

A: Where does the sun get its energy?

Me: Well, hydrogen combines with helium (at temperatures of millions of degrees).

I need to get some They Might Be Giants for Jackson. Aside from Flood, which I already own.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Note on Delurking...

There really are only 3 people that read my blog! I only had 3 comments. I thought I was joking, because Statcounter says otherwise. Oh well. Anyway, I just thought it was funny that I joked about 3 people, and sure enough that's all I got in comments. Ask and ye shall receive!


The Lady's Man, and Unsolicited Advice

OK, so we went to playgroup Wednesday and Jackson had a lot of fun. So did I since I got to hang out with actual adults for a couple of hours. Anyway, Jackson played with a little girl, 2, and a boy that will soon turn 4 (if you're doing the math, my boy's smack-dab in the middle age-wise).

Well, it comes time to leave (at which time I had to bribe Jackson with watching Cars when we got home because he didn't want to go and I wanted to avoid a scene). Jackson went up to the little girl - who is cute as a button - says "I love you" and gives her a hug and a kiss. And then keeps hugging her, and which point I'm like "OK, that's sweet, you can let go now". And it hit me that I am not ready for the girls. Because he's ridiculously cute, and there will be a line of them. And ya'll, I knew gals in high school that did "the guy drive-by", and I know I am going to start noticing the same pattern of cars passing the house in about 12 years or so. Sigh. I mean, I know it won't be a big deal for 12 years or so, but I can fast-forward in my brain to it.


Now my unsolicited advice - if you have a toddler, or will have a toddler sometime - here's some bed advice. See, months back we bought Jackson a toddler bed. We had to, because Tucker was arriving and we needed to prepare him. And he actually took to it quickly, did not want the crib, and it was good. Then it went bad. He would not sleep in it. When he did, he would quickly move into our room. Then I broke my leg and we were totally in limbo because I could not put him to bed.

About two months ago, I started recognizing something in Jackson. The boy does not stay still in bed. I would often walk by and he would actually be half-out of his bed, and I would shift his legs back in. I think Tucker might be the same way.

So, my unsolicited advice to those who might need it - if you have an active sleeper, I would strongly suggest skipping the toddler bed (unless you already have one available, in which case it's worth a shot - we'll probably use it with Tucker just because we have it). We had two twin beds in the bonus upstairs area, so we moved a mattress and box springs into Jackson's room, and he loves it. It's low like the toddler bed, because we didn't bring down the rails, and he has so much more room to move. He still has to be read to sleep, but after all the toddler-bed drama, that's really OK. Many nights he stays in it all night, and on the few he doesn't, he just walks into our room around 3am and that's OK. Last night he actually chose his bed over ours, so that's fantastic news versus just months ago.

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I recently brought my CD player/radio from work back home, since I never listen to it while at the office, and would rather use it in my kitchen. We've been enjoying it at mealtimes.

So, you're looking for the hippest in kiddo tunes? Look no further.

Jackson gives a thumbs-up to:
  • Fisher Price Little People Favorite Animal Songs - it's our "On the Road selection. He demands "my music" once we enter the car. Favorite song: "5 Little Monkeys". It should be noted that this is the only kiddie music he likes.
  • Celia Cruz, Mi Vida es Cantar - he picked this one over Toddler Hitz yesterday. Something about keyboards, horns and that salsa beat gets the kiddo going. I had not listened to this CD in a couple of years, and now I am hooked on it again!
  • The Beatles 1 - And this will make his Granna PROUD. I am hoping he will start singing along because that will absolutely thrill her.
  • Cars Soundtrack - OK, so we don't really own the CD. We downloaded some of the songs on our mp3 for driving but that's about it. You see, Jackson has watched the movie so much that he sings along with the songs, particularly Sheryl Crow's "Real Gone", James Taylors' "Our Town", and Brad Paisley's (say it ain't so) "Find Yourself". As far as soundtracks go - and I'm not a big fan of soundtracks - this one is better than most.

Jackson's Thumbs Down:

  • Toddler Hitz - I cannot find this one online to link it, but after testing this out the other day, he has requested "not the yellow CD" over the past few days every time I open the case. HATES it. We bought it as Best Buy a couple of years ago, and he wasn't thrilled with it then either. And it is bad. The worst it gets in kiddie-music bad.
  • Veggie Tales: On the Road with Bob and Larry - Jackson went through a brief phrase - about two months - of liking the Veggie Tales. They were kinda cute, and had morals (unlike Tom & Jerry which he had been hooked on before), and kinda always included an adult component too (for example, one story was based on Don Quixote, and the "Gated Community" song in the Sheerluck Holmes). During that phase Jackson racked up books and DVDs from excited grandparents (and us). Then he dropped it like a bad habit, and we learned not to go all-out on anything but cars. 'Cuz the child will always love cars.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey Ya'll, Leave a Comment

I know there's all of maybe 3 people that read this blog, but if you're a lurker - i.e. if you never comment, please say hi! Tell me about yourself, where you blog, why you're here, anything!

Apparently, according to some blogs I frequent, it's National Delurking Week. So it's your civic duty and all.


Monday, January 08, 2007

I love it. I kiss it. I love it again.

I got a new digital camera - a Canon Digital Rebel XT - for my birthday from A, and it's so freakin' awesome. As Jackson would say: "I love it. I kiss it. I love it again."

I am still working my way around getting used to the camera - it's my first SLR - but I made these two shots yesterday and today. The one of the boys is so cool, I think I am going to put that one on the wall!

Father and Son - Photo Deleted

Jackson and Tucker - Photo Deleted

Jackson thought it was hilarious and so awesome that Tucker would sit in his lap (well, between his legs). Tucker did keep sliding down - I think he wanted to keep his eye on Jackson - but this camera is so much faster, I was able to get a couple of well-posed shots out of the 10 (more or less) that I took. Jackson did VERY well, I must say - more genuine grins than cheesy grins this time!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

And this, folks, is why we had another...

Watching these two interact as brothers brings a smile to my face every time.

(Except the rare occasions when Jackson forgets Tucker is a baby, and throws something hard and plastic his way).

Jackson loves making the little guy laugh, and usually succeeds. He laughs at Tucker a lot too.

We're working on rice cereal with Tucker - and boy can that fellow eat, so we're moving to peas soon - and Jackson thinks Tucker eating cereal is hilarious since he makes such a mess.

Just today Jackson pulled his chair right in front of Tucker in the high chair, and informed me that "We're talking, Mommy".

We're working on sharing, but right now that works to our advantage since Tucker doesn't need to chew on Jackson's toys anyway. Matchbox cars were not made for baby's mouths. Jackson is fast going to have to learn to keep his toys put away, since the day that Tucker decides to crawl is fast approaching. He can put his legs under his body, and he's strong, so it's really just a matter of figuring things out.

Oh, am I in for it when they're both mobile...

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