Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mama Said Knock You Out!

Mama Said Knock You Out!, originally uploaded by TNEmily.

We have one (or maybe two - I can't remember) knockout rose bush that is just HUGE! It's creeping onto our stairs that access our deck, and is in full bloom with just tons of flowers.

Our secret?

We do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

We don't make time to do the landscaping; it's hard when you've got two younguns. A barely finds time to mow the lawn each week, and well, landscaping is just not a big priority. We have been told that we need to trim that rosebush back - I'll try to do it when it stops blooming towards the end of the summer. I've also been told that I should split my day lilies but that sounds awfully - complicated.

Anyway, Southern Living is not going to be popping by for a photoshoot anytime soon. But this rose is pretty, huh?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May Flowers

Lantana, originally uploaded by TNEmily.

I'm getting so lazy in my constant use of Flickr for my blog these days...

I love the ability to take macro shots! I have a lot to learn but wanted to share this. I really like lantana; I think it's the teeny-tiny delicate clusters of flowers that I enjoy.

We're going to my inlaws' this weekend and I always get to take some pics there (the onsite babysitting service is EXCELLENT). Their garden should be going pretty well so there's an opportunity right there. I can't wait to see what my father-in-law has planted - we've heard of blueberries, strawberries, and cherry trees. I hope he's growing tomatoes again, as you can't beat homegrown and I am very much a "I Love Tomato Sandwiches but Only When they Tomatoes are In Season" gal. Anyway, I know Jackson will want to see his garden - A planted a few tomato plants here in our small town mecca and Jackson has been VERY interested in their progress. Now if I can get him to eat the tomatoes...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playin' with my new toy...

Wasp, originally uploaded by TNEmily.

I got a new lens (Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG APO Macro Telephoto Zoom Lens).

I am really liking it so far. It doesn't have IS (image stabilization) like my kit lens, but then again I couldn't shell out for one of them fancy lenses. For its price range, the Sigma rated well on Amazon. I am pretty pleased. Still learning the ropes on macro shots. Took this of the wasp from about five feet away - because I am not going to get close to one!

On a side note, Jackson saw a wasp in our yard today and said "Oh" and stepped back a couple of feet. That kid has great instincts. I am trying not to pass my bug phobia on to him but I think he realized that you don't want to mess with a wasp. Mean things.

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Laura Will Totally Get This

Typewriter Flying the Rebel Flag, originally uploaded by TNEmily.

I think it should be noted that I personally do not see a need to fly the flag of a rebellious state that lost about 150 years ago.

I'm just sayin'.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

That Dang Ol' Rodeo...

That Dang Ol' Rodeo..., originally uploaded by TNEmily.

Despite having lived in Franklin, TN for a full six years of my young life (junior high/high school - parents still live there), and despite having march in the Rodeo Parade every year of high school, I had never been to the Franklin Rodeo until last Saturday night.

A and I thought it would be fun for Jackson, and it was...for a while. A 3 year old can only see so many horses and cows before deciding he's done ("I ready to go home now.").

Tickets were free - and good, and parking was free, so even though we did not even make it to intermission, no harm, no foul. Popcorn was eaten, horses were watched, calves were roped, off-color jokes were made by the rodeo clown and the announcer. We'll probably take both boys again next year - especially if we get free tickets again.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bad Mommy Moment (or, Something Happened on the Way to Gymnastics Class)

It's funny how plans change in just a moment. On Mondays for the past 2 weeks we have been taking Jackson to a preschool gymnastics class ,which he loves. We had a (rare) head start getting out the door, so we made a quick stop at Walgreen's to buy formula and more Puffs (Tucker can be a little Puffs addict). I parked right in front of the store to make the unloading/loading carseat process easier.

Now, I have a system for getting the boys out of the car. I let Jackson out of his seat, and he stands behind Tucker's car seat while I get Tucker out. I then back out holding Tucker, and continue to hold Tucker while I help Jackson out of the car. I don't know if this is the best system, but it's OUR system and it's worked thus far. Well, that went all well and good today, except as I was getting out with Tucker, my pants leg caught on the floorboard (the Element has a thing that sticks out); I lost my balance and I fell (and poor Tucker, having no control over the situation, fell with me). I lost control of Tucker about halfway down - I landed on my butt (well-padded, so no injury for me), and Tucker landed partially on me (good), but his head hit the pavement (bad).

Tucker almost immediately cries. I get Jackson out of the car and we all head into the store. I just wanted someone to look at the back of Tucker's head - the mommies out there may agree that it's hard to look at a child's injury while you're comforting that child. So, we head in, and in that short amount of time, Tucker has calmed down and is flirting with the salesgals in Walgreen's. The salesgals up front send us back to pharmacist, who calls the store manager, who says they have to call 911 to send the EMT since it happened on their property (i.e. they understandably want to avoid a lawsuit).

In the meantime I try to call the pediatrician, but the EMTs arrive VERY quickly(the fire deparment is almost next door to store, with just the park in between the two). They check Tucker out and seemed pretty confident that he did not sustain a concussion but ask if I want the ambulance (no) and suggest we go to the pediatrician.

So we head for the doctor's office, who gets a phone call from me in transit saying "we're heading down there". As I know my husband will want to know what happened, and particularly since the EMTs know my husband, I make sure that the next call is to him. The doctor checks my youngest son out - my poor little Tucker who has been held for almost two hours solid (my wrist still hurts) by the time we leave the doctor; we wants to get down so badly but also wants to be held - she declares that he is totally OK.

We got home and Tucker crawled and played; he ate his dinner and even some of Jackson's soft french fries (Jackson got a Wacky Pack for behaving well at the doctor). And I feel like we totally lucked out.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Dragon! In the Spotlight

Dragon! In the Spotlight, originally uploaded by TNEmily.

I love photographing toys. The colors are generally quite vibrant, and it's a little whimsical and fun.

Jackson set this up with his cars back in January and I took several pictures. I saw the photo again the other day (screensaver pulled it up) and decided to play with it in post (Elements). I liked the effects, so here you go. I have a couple more in my Flickr account, so stop by and have a look. One looks like a black light poster, so that's always fun...