Thursday, January 05, 2006

Too Smart for His Own Good?

In our quest to get Jack some speech therapy, preferably free, we visited Vanderbilt today to see if he was eligible for a research project. Basically, it would result in 1. a speech therapist coming to our home, and 2. using a proven speech therapy method to help Jack (they are testing whether 1 hours vs. 5 hours of speech therapy is the way to go). So, Jack went down to Vandy and had what I understand to be a cognitive evaluation.

He was SO GOOD. He went into the room with the nice evaluation lady, Sherri, and played with her (I watched the whole time through a two-way mirror). He then went to see a Dr. Lee, with Sherri, and she did a pretty thorough evaluation (she said "he was doing so good, we just kept going" meaning he did pretty much everything they asked of him). He did all sorts of things. I was amazed when he did this exercise where she had a picture of six colored crayons, and she would hand him a disk to match to the color of a particular crayon, and he did it. They assumed that I worked on this with him, when in fact I did not work on this specifically - we work on colors, but I have not truly asked him to match anything.

So he tested at 22 mos. when he's 20 mos. old. Yay! A prior developmental evaluation also revealed this, giving me scientific proof of what I knew anyway - my kid is smart, he just does not want to talk! He communicates, so he's not frustrated by his lack of speech. I think he just has not seen a need to talk yet. Heather thinks that he'll just start speaking one day in complete sentences. I'm starting to think she could be right - that's just how he is.

So the good news - Jack's a bright child! Yay! The bad news - no free speech therapy, at least not through Vandy. Oh well. Sherri at Vandy was very nice, and did give me a few resources to check on to see if he can get services through them.

Oh, and congrats to Laura, whose Longhorns won the Rose Bowl and the National Championship. I actually called the three point win (Addam asked how I thought it would turn out - I think he said USC by 2 - and I said, I don't know, Texas by 3). And was anyone annoyed by the constant reference to a possible 3-peat by USC? Hello, I'm not a fan of the Tigers, but didn't LSU win the BCS National Championship a couple of years ago, and we had a split national champion because the stupid AP poll? I thought the whole point of the BCS was to prevent a split national champion....oh well. I think that's one of the reasons Addam and I prefer the NFL to college football anyway.

Anyone watching Project Runway this time around? I think it's even better than the first round, which I caught onto about halfway through. I'm rooting for Nick and Chloe. I thought Marla was a goner this time but she managed to slide through. I bet Heidi says "Auf Weidersein" (sp?) to her in next episode.


Anonymous Jamie said...

I am glad his testing went fine. Caitlin did not say much at all until she was 2 and now there is no stopping her! :)

1/06/2006 1:58 PM  
Blogger texasinafrica said...

Chloe all the way. And I'm so glad it went well for Jack.

1/09/2006 10:56 PM  

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