Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Haunting Ya'll!

I tend to slack on blogging and then do two posts in a row? Why? Who knows. Anyway, I'm overdue for some photos, but wanted to discuss this first.

We bought Jack a dinosaur costume for Halloween. I paid $8.99 to ship the danged thing to make sure it got here by playgroup last Wednesday. And yes, I know I should have purchased this further in advance. Next time, we're buying the costume in August and not looking back.

Anyway, Jack told me he wanted to be a dinosaur, and looked at the costumer online with me and approved the purchase ("I look like THAT!"). I thought all was well.

Then I tried to get him to put it on last Wednesday.

"I can't wear that."

Child will not wear his Halloween costume. And there's no making him - what's the fun there? I hope he'll have a change of heart tomorrow night - our city has a trick or treat thing - but I'm not counting on it. The costume has a broad size, so I'll just hold it for next year - someone is dressing as a dinosaur. Dangit.

I have considered getting some black fabric and making him into a little pre-school grim reaper,
but that's a little macabre, isn't it? But funny macabre? I wouldn't have dared to take him to playgroup like that, because that thing is a good weapon for a two-year-old, but for trick or treating? Maybe? Still making up my mind on that one.

Anyway, I promised photos, so here goes:


We got the piano. And Jack claimed it. Which is great - I want him to be interested in the piano and making music (and hearing him say "I make music" is priceless) - but it's bad because he will NOT let me play.

Tucker loves his thumb. He has zero interest in the paci - which Jack loved. This will not be fun if he's still sucking his thumb at 18 months old. It was easy to remove the paci from Jack - it just wasn't available anymore - but you can't take a kid's thumb. And therein lies the problem.

Tucker is just getting so big! He turns 3 months on Wednesday, and just this past week he starting rolling over - both back to front and vice versa! We also had to retire the swing this week because he's trying to pull himself forward in a sit and it was just too dangerous for him to be in there. So he played in the exersaucer for the first time the other day, and seems to love it. I'll post that pic in a moment, because blogger won't let me post more than 3 on this post today.

It's funny, at the time with Jack it seemed like he was in the exersaucer for a long time (and the swing before that, along with other things like crawling, creeping, etc...). Now with Tucker I know he will be in that exersaucer for such a brief amount of time. They're growing so fast.



Anonymous Jamie said...

Caitlin was a paci girl. Amelia sucks her thumb, but only when she's tired so it doesn't seem "too bad." Although if she's sucking her thumb when she goes to kindergarten some day I'll change my tune!

Your boys are so cute! :)

10/30/2006 1:36 PM  

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