Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh, Atlanta! (Post Two)

After leaving the aquarium, we took Jack to the park for a bit, and then after throwing a tantrum when we had to leave we went to eat at The Varsity. We thought Jack would at least drink his milkshake but he was tired and therefore not in the mood to agree to anything. The food was your basic, fried drive-in stuff; I unfortunately got sick, I think mainly because I don't eat a lot of greasy food and that combined with IHOP in the morning was just too much. I was better by the morning, which was good because we had a date with the zoo. But first, the view from the fabulous Days Inn of downtown Atlanta:

The daytime shot says everything you need to know about Atlanta. Everywhere you go, something is coming up or being torn down. It's fascinating in a way.

So off to the zoo. After a brief hello to the flamingos, we were off to see the elephants and then the lion, which Jack loved. After that we saw a lot of primates, including what appears to be one of the main attractions at Zoo Atlanta, the gorillas. They even had gorilla babies! It was amazing, but it was here, however, that we discovered Jack's unfortunate dislike of everything in the primate family:
Look at the gorillas, Jack!
No, No, No!
Check out the lemers!
No, No, No!
This endangered monkey!
No, No, No!

I think we all get where this is going. So after hearing a lot of No! No! No!, we came across the Komodo Dragon, and discovered that's what our boy wanted to see.

We also saw the panda (No! No! No!) and the tigers (which Jack loved). We then went on the train ride (very short and mainly underground, and therefore quite lame), carousel ride, and in-zoo playground before at last heading back to Tennessee. Home Sweet Home.

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Blogger texasinafrica said...

Hooray for a fun family vacation! (And The Varsity makes me sick, too. It's the grease.)

10/12/2006 2:51 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Now I know to not eat at The Varsity! Love that last picture of Jack with the "dragon."

10/14/2006 4:30 PM  

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