Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow Day

Most of the Nashville area was left alone, but we actually woke up to a good 2-3 inches. Ah, how fascinated we Southern folk are with that amount. A couple of photos of the snow today:


I tried to get all artistic with my snow photos.

Jack doesn't know what to make of the snow, but he loved jumping in the slush on the driveway. Addam tagged me many times with snowballs; I have terrible aim. Plus I was trying to take artsy photos.

I skipped work due to weather concerns, which stinks because I won't get paid for Saturday meaning less money in that paycheck. Sigh. Oh well, at least I know I won't get trapped by ice in Brentwood (a big concern as this happened just three years ago), and I got the joy of watching my son and husband play in the snow.


Anonymous Jamie said...

We have a dusting of snow this morning but not nearly what you all got!

2/12/2006 8:52 AM  

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