Thursday, February 02, 2006


A big thanks to the mom who brought her child in sick to Sunday School last week. I'm so appreciative that Jack now has the sniffles and now I get to wonder for the past two days if he's contagious or if it's just due to a change in the weather. Agh!

Honestly, he seems to feel fine. No fever, which is good as it seems that something is running through his playgroup this week (we skipped Tuesday, so Jack's illness cannot be tracked there). I cancelled his playdate today though, just in case. He woke up with a cough but I think that was entirely due to being congested all night.

But it just floors me that every mom I know is very considerate of the other moms and kids, tries not to bring sick kids to playdates, etc... And yet the mom that has not attended our church in months decides that the Sunday when her daughter is sick is the right time to drop her kid off at Sunday School. Unbelievable!


Anonymous Jamie said...

Last winter I took Caitlin to the mall play area and found myself giving a mom who brought her daughter with a green snotty nose and terrible cough to play (and spread germs) the evil eye. You'd think the mom at your church could have waited just one more week!

2/02/2006 10:11 PM  

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