Friday, April 21, 2006


  1. For the past two weeks, Jack refuses to sleep in his bed. He'd rather sleep in the floor beside his bed. It started the night it stormed and hailed fairly bad. He also napped in the floor yesterday. I really hope this is a phase.
  2. I'm going to a baby shower Sunday, and I'm really looking forward to seeing some old friends there. Can't reveal the baby gift - she reads the blog, at least sometimes - but it's baby boy stuff, and very cute.
  3. StatCounter is addictive. I've discovered that my Photo Friday participation results in visits from all around the world. Someone fairly local found me via their Yahoo email - I'm wildly curious about that - and two visitors have come via searches for other things - love that someone found me through a Mark Slaughter search and found my first meme!
  4. Bridgermama started a great discussion on the topic of playgroups. Apparently a lot of women have had terrible experiences with playgroups; I've had the reverse. It's interesting reading. I'd recommend finding a playgroup to anyone, but it's obviously not for everyone, and every playgroup is different. Our playgroup is just as much for the moms as for the kids - we meet weekly for playtime, at a local place, local parks, a mom's home, etc...but we also maintain a messageboard and meet monthly for a Mom's Night Out. Jack and I did not know any other moms/kids before joining the playgroup - I'm the first of my friends to have any children, and Jack has no relatives close in age. I'm really glad that we joined the playgroup - it's good to be able to chat about "Mom Stuff" to other moms. Plus, I think moms need other moms to know we're not all going insane!
  5. Dr. Phil is on right now in the background. I do not watch Dr. Phil, I swear (it's stormy today and I'm keeping an eye on the weather), but these guys are trying to say that a man's fatherly responsibilities end if he just chooses not to be a dad. Wow, what an upstanding and responsible guy (in case sarcasm doesn't translate well into blog, that's sarcasm).

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Blogger Cityslicker Mom said...

I listened to part of that Dr phil show in the car, as i was running errands all day, and I just thought, wow. some nerve. I could go on and on. about playgroups, i've had good experiences too, but mainly because I dont tolerate childish crap and if i sense it at all, I'm outta there right away. Plus, i only did the playgroup thing when they were under two. after age two, they start making their own little friends and it's not so much about the moms anymore.

4/21/2006 11:43 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Hopefully Jack will go back to sleeping in his bed, but honestly as long as he sleeps soundly you may not care when his baby brother arrives! :) I also just signed up for a StatCounter account recently and it's pretty cool! I have a page on my site about my experience with nuchal translucency testing and I get a lot of search engine hits on that. I think it may be useful information for someone out there!

4/22/2006 12:08 PM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Yep, statcounter is very addictive...I am there several times a day, every day - it's ridiculous, really.

Playgroups - I never got to join one, but I've heard both extremes - moms who LOVED it and moms with horror stories. Like everything, it just depends who's involved, I guess. I'm glad you have such a great one.

4/22/2006 9:07 PM  
Blogger lynn r said...

Yeah, I saw that Dr. Phil, too. Let me just say that prior to my next comment: THAT GUY is a total step back for mankind. But, on the other hand, he and his attorney have a point. Women can choose, and if they choose to have the child, why is it expected that the father should have to be financially responsible if they are refusing to be present and parentally responsible? I just don't know. Now, if he and this woman discussed this beforehand like he claims....they must not have been THAT thorough......
Sorry, just had to vent about this stupid show

4/24/2006 8:03 PM  

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