Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mother's Day, to Me!

I'm about to go buy my Mother's Day present. Yes, you read that right. A came home for lunch today, and said "How would you like a new digital camera for Mother's Day?". I say "Mine's just two years old. If you want to get me something, get me Adobe Elements and that will save you a couple of hundred dollars and make me even happier". To which A says "OK. Just go buy it online; I'm sure we'll save money that way". So I'm about to buy it - Amazon has it for just $78.99 - a $20 discount from the other sites - and shipping will be free. And no tax! Hurray!

CitySlicker Mom blogged today about something I was thinking about too - toddlers, food, and how we Mamas will let our kids eat just about anything that's on OUR plates. And you know, she did it a lot more eloquently than me, but with Mother's Day approaching it gets you to thinking - we moms (and Dads too, I'm not going to discriminate) will do about anything for our kids.

Today Jack was presented with the following for lunch - PB&J (his pick over star pasta, which he LOVED yesterday) and yogurt (which he grabbed out of the fridge). He ate about half the PB&J and a little less than half the yogurt, but less than halfway through his dinner he starts eyeing MY leftovers from last night - chicken, taco rice, and refried black beans. He ate that rice and beans up last night, and apparently, he wanted some today (but the chicken? No dice.). He was content to let me feed him the rice and beans for a while, but then he tried to shove his spoon (covered with yogurt - no thanks) into my rice - twice. So anyway, I threw the remaining refried beans, and a good bit of rice, onto his plate. HE ATE IT UP. And most of the PB&J.

Oh, and yesterday we shared the last of the cookies 'n' cream ice cream. I repeat - I shared the last of the cookies 'n' cream ice cream.

Our little two-year-old man has had some appetite lately. He used to pick at this and that, and he's always been 10-25% on weight - so maybe he's having a growth spurt. It's encouraging to see him eat. So I'll give him whatever he wants off my plate - even the last bite of the cookies 'n' cream ice cream.

But don't worry - I bought more cookies 'n' cream ice cream this afternoon at Kroger. Right after Jack got his cookie.

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Blogger Kristen said...

I always rejoice when my oldest eats ANYTHING new or different. He is small too, and VERY picky. I know what you mean about just being glad he's eating, and not worrying necessarily about WHAT he's eating. Sigh, hopefully someday they'll have a balanced diet without us forcing it on them or trying to hold our noses in the right position and hoping we got the magic formula right and it works on that day.

5/17/2006 10:36 PM  

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